That’s Cold Bro!!!

What’s going on guys, Brickiac here, and this week’s post is about kit 70901. For you people who do not memorize the kit numbers (which is probably a lot of you), this kit is the Mr. Freeze Ice Attack set from “The Lego Batman Movie” Lego sets.

This Lego set has two hundred-one Legos. That includes the Minifigures and accessories.

This kit includes Batman, one security guard, and Mr. Freeze. The kit was honestly not hard to build, but I did have some trouble with Mr. Freeze’s MEC suit, (probably why the box says, “Ages 7-14”). Kit 70901 may not be that big, but it is still fun to build and even more fun to just sit down and play with, (or display if that’s what you like to do).

For those of you who have seen “The Lego Batman Movie”, you might have noticed a couple things in this Lego set that are different from the movie. One thing that I know you all must have noticed is Mr. Freeze’s MEC suit. Mr. Freeze’s suit, as you may have noticed, is about one third the size of his suit in “The Lego Batman Movie”. If there are any other differences in the kit from the movie that you found, then please tell me about it in the comments down below.

Sorry, I couldn’t help it, I just had to bunny ear him

When I opened the box, I found out that this kit was separated into two bags, one labeled 1 and the other labeled 2. This means that you are supposed to open the first bag and build the kit, then you build the second bag and build the kit.

After I built the kit, I took it apart to build it by the image on the box. It was much harder than building it by the instructions, such as Mr. Freeze’s freeze ray. The control area in the first bag and the ice that the security guard goes in (placing the security guard in the ice is optional) were the easiest parts, but when I got to building the MEC and the gun I got a little confused. When I finished rebuilding this kit without the instructions, (which took me roughly ten minutes), I took it step by step, through the build, with the instructions and found out I aced building Kit 70901 without the instructions.

Honestly, I would recommend getting kit 70910 and kit 70900 to mix with kit 70901 so that you could make the scene in the back of the instructions, own three Batman minifigures, and just own the three Lego sets.

So far, I’m loving making these blog posts for you all, and if you like reading these posts as much as I like writing them, then please, leave a comment and slap that like button. If you are at all new to my blog, then please follow, I would really appreciate it. If you have any ideas on what you want the next blog post to be on, then please tell me in the comments, I will be happy to read them.

So, I hope you all enjoyed, and remember to have fun, and build your imagination.


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