A Little Backstory

I want to welcome you to my blog. Brickiac is a place where you may see things that do not fit the normal Lego builder style, things that may stretch your imagination and create the desire to build within you.

I hope you begin to see the world in bricks and start re-imagining the scenes as you would build them.



So, you may be wondering “Hay Brickiac, where did your love for Legos begin?”. Well, I’ll tell you.

When I was around 4-years-old I was first introduced to Lego bricks (before that I had Duplo if you count that.

The fist Lego sets that I ever got were these two Star Wars sets from a few years before the show “Star Wars the Clone Wars” came out. One set was Anakin Skywalker and R2-D2 with Anakin’s fighter from Star Wars Episode III, and the other was a kit from Episode II with three Battle Droids, a Super Droid, a Hellfire Droid (yes, that is its real name), and a Spider Droid. Back in those days, Lego sets were a bit cheaper. Now a ten-brick kit could cost $6.99 plus tax. That sounds a bit outrageous, right? Well, it’s not my place to complain, mainly because that would make this a complaining blog which is not what anyone wants.

After I built the kits, I had an idea that these could be made into something even better! I took them apart and made them into a battle cruiser, full of launchable missals, bigger wings, and a very detailed body (it was good work for someone at the age I was at the time, which is around 4 or 5). I honestly think the best part about that build was R2-D2 because I swapped his head with the head of the Spider Droid and missile launchers of the Hellfire Droid in between the body of R2-D2 and the head Of the Spider Droid. Unfortunately, I don’t remember what I called the ship or my newly shaped droid (maybe it should have been called a big head droid).

Not long after I built this vessel, my brother got some of those old Lego Pirate sets. With the parts from these kits, I build a fight scene with pirates VS Brits (and octopus).

Ever since my first kit, I have been building with Legos, making them into whatever! From complicated scenes to bazar and abstract builds, and from something small to something insanely big and CRAZY!

All I thought I would be doing right now instead of writing this blog was building something, but now I’m doing something I never thought I would ever do, write a Lego blog. ❤

Please feel free to leave a comment or a suggestion on what kit you want me to blog about. If you are at all new to my blog, please follow/subscribe, and if you enjoyed this blog post than please smash that like button!

I hope you all are enjoying this blog so far, and remember, have fun, and build your imaginations


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